Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy couple days :)

Been working on curtains for Allisons house. I had a couple tan curtain panels and a blue one left from making curtains for my living/pool table room, worked the "Design on a Dime" thing on them and turned them into 2 larger panels for Alli's front room. They turned out pretty good, however, I didn't think about how we would hang them. When I cut the panels up I didn't take the casing for the curtain rod off. so now its cut and sewed into closed pockets. So i either have to make a casing to sew on the back or hang them from the rod with the curtain ring/hook things. Think, Think...guess its time to consult the "client" on this design project :)
The paint colors for the nursery, living room and basic wall colors are chosen, just need to pick them up. Today the matt for the cross stitch Alli did while she was pg should be finished, and that can be framed.

Finished the quilt for little Miss Carbonneau baby girl (due in a few weeks). The fabric is called "Little Blessings" Designed by Nancy Murty for Andover Fabrics, pattern by Nancy Murty & Peggy Davis. I quilted it with a "swirly" design, as the fabric has phrases that swirl around the little bugs and flowers. It was a fun quilt to make and went together easily. The fabric feels wonderful.

Weeded on the garden yesterday, my tomatoes, bell peppers and cabbage have survived the winter. Should be able to harvest the cabbage soon ,I have no idea what I'll do with it but someone told me it was hard to grow and I shouldn't try- beginners luck?. The tomatoes & bell pepers have little blooms.

Picked up a toy chest, that my mom tole painted Noahs Ark on, from my parents house last week. Its been sitting in a shed for about 20 years. The painting isn't entirely finished but after that long it probably would never be. Its okay- its adorable! My friend Gorgi and I cleaned it, reinforced the corners and hinged the lid to the box. Now the toys for the grand kids and visitor kids have a home. Actually this is the home for the "favorite" toys. Everything needs a container- I love containers :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here goes nothin'

Preface- My grammar/english skills stink. If you proceed and read anything I type, be prepared to read it like it is- errors and all. Without correcting me. It is what it is and I make no excuses, and would prefer not to hear yours :) (Said in the most loving way with a smile on my face and no intent to offend.)

My kids have blogs, so do a lot of my friends. My thoughts were, "That's fun for them but what do *I* need a blog for?"
Well- I decided my reason is so that I realize I do "have a life". Aside from the fact that my sil- Kyle set it up for me, and Alli & Kyle think it will be *fun*, hum.
My friend Mary keeps hers so she can see how much she actually does get done. That appeals to me.
Being very close to the empty nest part of my life, I struggle with purpose. Most Moms go through this at some point or another, its just my turn. So I'd like to keep track of what I actually do with the time I used to spend changing diapers, watching practices & games, playing taxi driver, home room mom, cooking , cleaning, babysitting, "Mom I need..." and doing 10 loads of laundry a week.
This may workout great, or it may sit week after week with the same exact post. But as usual, I jump in with both feet- not usually testing the water first.
There you have it- my first official "jump".