Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pin cushion project

A few months ago there was a Sewing and Crafts show at the Coliseum. I don't usually go, but got some discount tickets from a friend at church. One of the booths had some great wool stuff, I bought a couple kits :)
These pin cushions are from the pattern "Pennies and Posies" by Attic Heirlooms. The pattern has the "Pennies" pincushion on a c clamp type thing attached to a table. The one at the show was on an old rusty bed spring which, of course, I loved!
Ebay was the best place for the springs so I picked up some rusty and a few not.

They were really fairly quick to make and I love they way they turned out!
The softer colored one is a gift, the darker one will live in my sewing room :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

NAU Graduation 2010

On May 7th, Alli graduated form NAU... we are so proud of her. It was tough- while she was in school she got married, moved from her hometown, had a baby, bought a house and has
another one on the way. Many times she would call- sick to death of her stupid biology class...saying that she was done, I'd tell her she had to tell her Dad. She never! Im so glad she finished, we are so very pleased with the young lady that she is today and all she has accomplished.
Congrats Alli! You rock!

Kyle, Macy, Kathy
Alli with the NAU Lumberjack

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BBQ after graduation at Greg and Janets
Alli & her cousin John, he graduated the same day
Macy checking out the yummy cake Johns wife, Sarah, made
Bobby, Alli, Kathy
Meghan, Steven, Alli, Derek

Cards for Connor

April 23 & 30
The 23rd and 30th were the nights Rachele from The ink boutique and I hosted the Cards for Connor classes. Had around 18 people participate, and raised just over $1,000.00. We hoped for more- reach for the stars, right?- however Im super happy with our results.
You can donate here.
See the cards Rachele designed for the class here.
Thank you so much to my friends, and Racheles for all the support. We had a great time.
If you have not read Connors blog yet, please do- he is an inspiring 12 year old!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pat Tillman run, Prom

April 17, 2010
At ASU they have an annual Pat Tillman run, started after Pat Tillman-an ASU football player enlisted in the military and was killed over seas. The first few years there were a few hundred runners, its now gone to almost 30,000 run/walkers.
This is Derek's 3rd year, Chris' second, and Kati's first. The little boys did the kids run. I met the kids at ASU and took care of the littles while Chris and Kati ran . Bunches of fun spending time with the kids :)
Saturday night, Derek and Britt went to the High School prom...adorable couple, I think :)

Nathan in the kids run giving Sparky the sun devil a high 5! He was sooo excited!
Cute runners, huh? I think so!
Trav, Derek, Wes

Britt, Derek ready for Prom
Ya know- we did not teach him that- he came like

Poor flower girl

April 7, 2010
Every year Kyle does a musical with his Joseph City high school choir. I've missed it for some reason or another the last couple years and was determined to go this year.
Alli called a couple days before I was to leave and said Macy needed a "poor flower girl" costume . Cool! A trip to Hobby Lobby! It was so fun, haven't made a kids costume in years.
Last year she was the voice of the "crying baby" in Seven Brides for 7 Brothers, this year a poor flower girl in My Fair Lady. Wonder what she will be next year...

Macy acted her part well!
Taking notes on what she will do differently next year :)

Easter weekend, Brelee turns 1!

April 4. 2010
Easter weekend we had a lovely invitation from Kati's brother & sister-in-law, Kenny & Aprilynn, for dinner, egg hunt , and Brelees birthday.
It was a huge gathering, the food was great and with tons of little kids how can you not have a good time :)

Brelee girl pulling grass while the other kids find eggs
Nater bug pointing at the kids out of the fence playing soccer

Travis and his awesome collection of eggs
Brelee and her first birthday cake !
Chris, Kati, Meghan, Steven , Derek
I love these kids :)
playing at the park- Trav, Gideon, Audrey , Wes
Birthday girl

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My friend Mequilter is giving away a free EQ 7 program on her blog! Go check it out!