Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happiest place on earth!

Kids go to Disneyland for *free* on their birthday! For birthday #5 Wes got to go to Disneyland , and I got to go too! What a great time! We stayed at Kati's Grandmas house, she is awesome! I wanna be like her when Im in my 80's! Chris, Kati the kids and I left here on the 13th of Nov and got back on the 17th.
Wes at the outlet Mall
Rockstar Brelee
At the park in Calabasas
This is one fun slide!
Zooma Beach ( I think thats the name of it) has bees, and one did not like Wes stepping on it :/
The day at the beach was great, weather was beautiful!
Gardens of the World -Travis and Wes

First Disneyland visit! This is one HAPPY mousketeer!

Brelee at Disneyland
Shooting "Zerg" at the Buzz Lightyear ride (we went 3 times)
Wes becoming the newest Jedi Knight on his 5th birthday!
He took it very seriously - but was a bit too nervous to face Darth Vadar.
We love Mickey!
Wiped out!
The trip was awesome! Disneyland was serious non stop fun from open to close. The kids couldn't have been better behaved, Travis took it very well when they told him he wasn't tall enough to go on the"big" rides. "Its a Small world" was decked out for Christmas- elves, North Pole, and Christmas songs.
Favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear, scariest ride was Winnie the Pooh. I think we may have started a new tradition- G'ma goes with the grandkids to Disneyland :) Next time I think G'ma needs to provide costumes for the kids :)
Chris & Kati- thanks for inviting me :) It was great!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quilty give away!

My friend Mary is having a quilty give away, go check it out! Her work is awesome!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Quilting for Jane

These quilts belong to Jane. I quilted them for her and just got round to take pictures.
Love, love, love this one! Its my colors! And Stars!
sshhhhh ... it may get lost in my sewing room :)
I quilted it with a small all over stipple.

This one I tried something different, stitch in the ditch on either side of the sashings. Then I did a medium stipple on the outside border and setting triangles with a free form flower in the center of the pinwheels. Can't really see the quilting from the front so here is a picture from the back.

I hope Jane is happy with them. Better get them to her before they find a new home in my sewing room :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad . Bad. Dog.

I looked out the window and what did I see?

A whole in my flower bed!!

Made by Gabby!!!
Bad! Bad! Dog!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy couple of weeks!

Last week I went to Tucson to help Kati (my daughter-by-marriage) with her office. I don't have pictures, but it was an amazing redo and actually quite easy. We mostly rearranged furniture to make it more open, put up some shelves from Ikea (Thanks Chris!), and she is going through and "rehoming" old equipment she used to use for her videography. She now has several work surfaces and it feels so much more open! We worked in the office at night and played with the grand-kiddos in the day. It was tons of fun, love playing with those adorable grandkids!

The day we went to Ikea for shelves, we stopped at McD's and the boys had a great time playing in the play yard.

This week Alli and Macy came up ... we made bows for a Holiday gift fair in Holbrook, and got ready for her friends bridal shower. Course we also did a halloween costume for Miss Macy.

Macys Halloween day outfit :) Her shirt says "Im so cute its scary!"
Melanie, Alli, Stormy- the bride, Chelsey
food table
back of Macys costume
The pirates and bugs :)
Trav, Macy, Brelee, Wes, Nate
(Its nearly impossible to get 4 kids to look at the camera at the same time!)
See that little white ghost? Macy carried that around all week...too funny!

Brelee got first place in her age group for her bee costume at their HOA Halloween party!

All the kids went home this morning, sad Grandma :/.

New bag :)

Last Saturday a group of my quilt friends (we took classes together many years ago at a "shop that shall not be named") got together and made bags! I love bags, no-one can have just one!

Monika, Kathy H., Kellie
front: Judy, Ramona - back: Aleta, Sue
(not pictured- Jane- I don't know where she was?)

This is the bag I finished. It was a kit from "The Christmas Goose"( pattern by Sunshine Garcia) in LasVegas. The bag is a dark pine green upholstery fabric, the inside and straps are a red woven, and the pocket is a tan texture. Its embellished with wool & buttons and buttonhole stitched. I love how it turned out!