Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last trip of 2009!

Bobby was off the week after Christmas so we headed up so he could check out Alli and Kyles new house. The trip up was uneventful and very relaxing- well the whole trip was except when the truck decided to be retarded. We helped with a couple things in the house , went out to lunch, Bobby got a ride in (even though it was sooooo cold!) and played with Macy :). We stayed a couple days then headed to Cornville for a visit to Bobbys Mom & step Dad , then stayed in Prescott at the Hassyampa Inn and visited my parents, on the way home we visited my G'pa & Uncle in Yarnell.

When I was a kid, I thought only really rich people stayed at the Hassyampa, lol! Although I remember my Mom staying there one winter for a week. She worked at the phone company (Mountain Bell - Ma Bell lol!) next door to the Inn and we got a really bad snow storm. So they put the employees up at the hotel because they couldn't get home.
Anyway-It was so cute and cozy! Built in the '20's, small rooms and wonderful details! We had breakfast in the Peacock Room-elegant and comfy with high ceilings , again with wonderful details. Waiting for seating, we read the signs and memorabilia in the hallway outside the room. One of them had the names of the original stockholders of the Inn, and my Great Grandfather was one of them. Too fun! I had no idea! Told my Mom and she said- "Oh ya, I knew that", hum! Bobby and I talked about the people who may have frequented the Inn. Parking buggies & cars on that dirt Elks hill must have been a pain!
Neither of us was ready to head home.
On the way home we texted the kids so see if any of them wanted to hang out for NewYears eve, Steven & Meghan had plans but Chris and Kati were heading to Prescott on Friday so they came and spent the night. We played games, rang in the new year with the littles at 10 and then again at midnight. It was fun! The kids were a bit scared of the "poppers", especially when Chris told Wes he was going to wake him up with one of the 4 leftover ones. Poor Wes....
Anyway- it was a great week, we enjoyed our time with the kids, parents, family and each other alot!

G'pa and Macy- suppose to be reading a book
Alli & Kyles house - love that you can see the fresh snow falling!
Outside of Flagstaff-Too cute!

Lobby- I wish I had gotten a picture of the elevator! It was old and awesome! A bellhop had to run it, and turn this big handle to bring it up and down. Too fun!

I loved this light, and the shadow that the window created. The picture doesn't do it justice :/
The texture in the glass is great.
Most of the handles in the room were very simple, some had the brass finish worn off. Love the simpleness and smooth texture.
Glass with room numbers above the doors, they are hinged and directly across from the windows in the room for a breeze.
Stained glass doors to the Arizona room- very typical 20's- soo cool!
To the left of the door was a stock certificate and to the right the list of original stockholders.
Handles on the Arizona room doors.
Again the pictures aren't all that great- no high end camera or photo-shopping.
I tried to take pictures of the courthouse aquare all lit up but they didn't turn out. One year you will just have to check it out yourself. Very small -old town and really fun!
On to a New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yeah for Christmas!

This year we had all the kids at our house for Christmas, well the 23rd and 24th mostly, Alli and Kyle were here the 19th to the am of 25th. Bobby started back to work on the 25 :/ sad. Someone has to make that electricity we use for cookin' all that food, and lightin' all those trees and lights! It was fun having the little girls for their first Christmas. My favorite part is having the family all together. Watching the little kids & the big kids play. The young men and women from our ward came and caroled for us, and brought yummy goodies that were a perfect addition to our Christmas eve.

The 2009 Christmas Gang

Alli and Derek being goofy
Santa nailed it with Macys gift!

Christmas messes are the best!!
Playing with fun new toys!
Nate and G'pa

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cute boys!

Week before last I went to hang out with Kati and the boys. They are in "Joy School" (home based co-op pre-school) and the kids sang at a senior citizen center. It was so cute! I wish I had pictures, but I was video taping. They were sooo adorable!
Anyway, we went shopping and outside of one of the stores was this great wall with cubbies in it. It was a natural place for the boys to stick their heads through! I think we got some pretty adorable pictures!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was great! All the kids were home and my parents came down. We have so much to be thankful for, the list never ends. The things that are in the forefront of my mind are my wonderful hubby, kids and grandkids, family, Bobbys job that has allowed me to stay home with the kids-as well as travel to play Grandma. The gospel of Jesus Christ- encompassing the atonement, priesthood and eternal families. I can't even imagine my earthy life without these things, let alone eternity without my family and the gospel. I am thankful for the material blessings we have, but they can be replace or lived without. The last year was not without its struggles and hardships- but as long as we have each other and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, anything is possible.
I have a saying on my family room wall that pretty much sums it up- "We may not have it all together but together we have it all."

Grandma C and Nathan making rolls.
Home from the Turkey bowl- Dereks team went undefeated, the other boys lost 1 game.
I got the cool turkey football shirts at Old Navy.
Macy (she didn't go), Kyle, Steven, Derek and Chris
Nater loves doing dishes !
Yes- you are seeing men/boys washing the dishes- its tradition in our family :)
This year the girls did a craft, we made Christmas countdown blocks.
Last year we made ornaments.
Kati and Alli
Meghan helping Grandma B

Trav and Wes playing on the porch.

Grandpa and Nathan

The 2009 bunch
Derek, Bobby, Alli, Kyle, Meghan, Steven, Brelee, Chris, Kati, Nathan
Kathy, Wes, Grandmpa B, Macy, Grandma B, Travis

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kids say the funniest things!

Last week-
We were eating at the kitchen table.
Nathan (2) spilled juice on Wes' (5) pants.
Wes said "OH NO!! My handsome clothes!!!"

Paige: I miss my Mom.
Me: I know, your Mom and Dad are are a date.
Me: I did? I don't think so.
Paige: You have unknown powers, you know.
Wow, cool... wonder what else I don't know...never mind - I really don't want to know :)