Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday August 21 Camping in the Pines :)

Warning: Photo overload
We met the kids up north for some camping. Kati and Alli did some great planning. A miracle happened and Bobby was actually off! We had FHE Friday night, Saturday we played horseshoes, the little boys played crochet, the big kids went shooting. It was wonderful! Family and the great outdoors... love, love, love it! Sunday the kids placed a geo-cache along the freeway near the deer farm. As always, wish we could have stayed longer!
Trav, Naters and Wes in G'mas travel trailer getting spoiled :)
G'pa and baby Brelee
Trav having an exceptionally good time!
Miss Macy and Zues
Kati and Nathan playing crochet (Kati is actually helping keep the mallet under control)
The traditional night time campfire.

Saturday August 22 -Camping in the pines :)

Warning: Photo overload
Bobby enjoying the good life, Outdoors and family.
Kyle and Chris discussing fantasy football draft options.
Chris and Steve, sibling rivalry.

Grandpa Bochat and the little boys watching the horseshoe tourney.
Wes has the bracket- official looking isn't it?
Watching horseshoes. Brelee, Chris, Wes, Alli, Steven, Meghan, Macy
Steven Wins! And gets the awesome trophy! Meghan loves the awesome trophy :)
Grandpa Bochat and Miss Macy chillaxin' in the swing.
Brelee, Meghan, Wes, Alli, Macy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Red Romantic lap quilt August 15th

My friend , Monika, (who says she doesn't quilt ...HA!) brought me a magazine and asked if I could help her make the quilt on the front of the magazine smaller. It had stars and LOTS of points! We talked a bit about it and it didn't come up again. She went to Utah to visit her Mom, and brought home that quilt top from the front of the magazine cover (sorry I can't remember the magazine) ! Its a gift for a family wedding she's attending. I quilted it for her with a winter white aurifil thread, and a medium sized all over swirl.
Its beautiful! She did a fabulous job and didn't cut off one single point! Next time she needs to leave me more backing to work with though (can't let her think she's perfect just yet! :) ). Isn't is wonderful!

Friday, August 14, 2009

"Will you go..."

Britt asked Derek if he would go to Homecoming with her. He said yes, but you have to ask creatively. So Wednesday night Britt , her sister, and her friend Amy came over and decorated Dereks bathroom. The floor of the bathroom is FULL of green and black balloons that say "H-O-M-E-C-O-M-I-N-G"
Too fun!

"Mom, I wanna to make..."

Last week Alli called and said "Mom, can you come and help me do a color quiet book?" Well a couple hours later, she was headed down to Buckeye. Whitney, Tyler and Jolene came over just after Alli got here. We were looking at the computer and found an adorable bug quiet book pattern on Etsy. Soo plans changed ... the color book was out and the Bug book was in.
4 days and MANY long hours, nites later... Macy and Whitneys lil' unborn peanut have buggy quiet books! I didn't get pics of the finished product, just one of the girls "in production". It was fun to watch and listen to them. I often wondered if thats what Jolene and I sound like when we are "creating" lol!
Alli & Whitney -next generation of creators

Macy trying the "Glam" thing at Joannes. She has the "serious" thing down pat :)
G'pa and Macy having some bonding time.

"I'm coming, wait for me!!"
Macy, G'ma, Alli


"Pink is not a color, it's an attitude!" is the first thing I thought of when I saw the bedding fabric for Seth and Taras baby, Neela. The box of fabric has been in my sewing room waiting for its turn to be sewn. :/ This week was its turn! Yeah!! The quilt is a duvet , and covers the baby boy bedding Tara used with the 3 boys. The bumper has rick-rack along the top edge, you can't see it well ... it should have been larger ... Im really disappointed about that part :/. But all in all I think it looks pretty good.

July continued ...

Kati and the kids came down to help her Family move out of the house they have been in for 20 some odd years. Alli and Kyle came down to visit , and help. We all took turns going with Kati and staying here to watch kiddos. Kari did great! I would have been soooo overwhelmed and hidding my head under the covers! The house was packed up in 10 days! Im sure when Kati gets a chance she will blog about the week. Monday night we did a surprise birthday /going away party for Kari (Kati's Mom). It turned out great! Kati took pictures of everyone that came and we had them write on a tag, their name, and a memory , good wishes, or birthday wishes etc. The pictures (matched with tags) went into a book that we had scrap-booked on Sunday nite for the occasion. We had no idea how it was going to go, but it was a hit! The week flew by, it was great to help Kari and have the grandkids here :)
I went to Walgreens and got a little pool for the kids to play in. Its about the only picture I took that week.

July ... where did it go?

The last couple weeks of July were crazy! On the 25th ish, we went to Flagstaff for Bobbys step dads 80th birthday. It was fun, The Hancocks back yard is wonderful! It was great to see the kids and visit with everyone.
Jennifer makes hairbows, "G'ma" made a good dent in her inventory for Macy & Brelee :)
Chris, and Uncle Greg teaching Wes to play chess.
Chris, Derek, Alli, Kyle, Meghan, Steven,
Kati, Nathan, Travis, Bobby, Wesly, Brelee Macy, Kathy

I wish I'd gotten pictures of everyone , but just didn't think of it before they started leaving.