Friday, August 14, 2009

"Mom, I wanna to make..."

Last week Alli called and said "Mom, can you come and help me do a color quiet book?" Well a couple hours later, she was headed down to Buckeye. Whitney, Tyler and Jolene came over just after Alli got here. We were looking at the computer and found an adorable bug quiet book pattern on Etsy. Soo plans changed ... the color book was out and the Bug book was in.
4 days and MANY long hours, nites later... Macy and Whitneys lil' unborn peanut have buggy quiet books! I didn't get pics of the finished product, just one of the girls "in production". It was fun to watch and listen to them. I often wondered if thats what Jolene and I sound like when we are "creating" lol!
Alli & Whitney -next generation of creators

Macy trying the "Glam" thing at Joannes. She has the "serious" thing down pat :)
G'pa and Macy having some bonding time.

"I'm coming, wait for me!!"
Macy, G'ma, Alli


  1. Great picture of the 3 generation of the girls!!

  2. Next generation of creators, huh? Big shoes to fill! I'll keep working on it :) And thanks for the bread! We loved it!