Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday August 21 Camping in the Pines :)

Warning: Photo overload
We met the kids up north for some camping. Kati and Alli did some great planning. A miracle happened and Bobby was actually off! We had FHE Friday night, Saturday we played horseshoes, the little boys played crochet, the big kids went shooting. It was wonderful! Family and the great outdoors... love, love, love it! Sunday the kids placed a geo-cache along the freeway near the deer farm. As always, wish we could have stayed longer!
Trav, Naters and Wes in G'mas travel trailer getting spoiled :)
G'pa and baby Brelee
Trav having an exceptionally good time!
Miss Macy and Zues
Kati and Nathan playing crochet (Kati is actually helping keep the mallet under control)
The traditional night time campfire.

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