Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Red Romantic lap quilt August 15th

My friend , Monika, (who says she doesn't quilt ...HA!) brought me a magazine and asked if I could help her make the quilt on the front of the magazine smaller. It had stars and LOTS of points! We talked a bit about it and it didn't come up again. She went to Utah to visit her Mom, and brought home that quilt top from the front of the magazine cover (sorry I can't remember the magazine) ! Its a gift for a family wedding she's attending. I quilted it for her with a winter white aurifil thread, and a medium sized all over swirl.
Its beautiful! She did a fabulous job and didn't cut off one single point! Next time she needs to leave me more backing to work with though (can't let her think she's perfect just yet! :) ). Isn't is wonderful!

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  1. You are too nice! Thanks for quilting it! I could not have possibly finished the quilt in time for the wedding without you!