Thursday, June 10, 2010

RAAM-Lull before the storm

We arrived in Oceanside today. The motel is so cute! Looks like an old mission. Views are fabulous!! Smells are heavenly!
Tonight we have a team meeting and tomorrow starts the inspections, official team pics, more meetings, strategies and rules so we don't end up with any time penalties.
I hope to be able to blog every couple days... hope being the operative word.
Sleep... hope to be able to do that for a few minutes everyday. :)

Bobby going over spread sheets and strategies

Oceanside Marina suites-view from the room balcony

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day weekend camping

I love to listen the the sound of the wind as it blows through the tops of the pine trees, watching the kids play in the dirt and throw pinecones, sitting in a chair and not being bothered by what isn't getting done, starry night skys, and crackling night fires, family and friends.

For years we went camping Memorial day weekend, Labor day, 4th of July, Easter, and every other time we could find an excuse. The last 5 or 6 years has not been that way. Bobby's work schedule and other obligations have made free weekends far and few between. Recently he changed to a day shift job, YEAH! Consequently, he has weekends off :) So when the kids wanted to go camping Memorial Day weekend, we could!
Steph & David met us there from NV, and my parents from Prescott, Alli, Kyle & Macy, and Steven and Meghan, & Deek boy.
It was fun and so relaxing!

Random photos from the weekend-
Dereks 19th birthday

Macy and Uncle Steve takin' a nap
we did put a hat over Macy to keep her out of the sun.

The boys shooting. Bobby is trying to figure out why Derek can't hit a pigeon.
I think he finally fit a couple

Macy girl in G'ma C's trailer

My sister and I always have some crafty thing to do, this year she brought felted wool and we made these adorable baby pincushions. The one in back will be a cupcake when its done. We also embellished the pins. Fun!!

In all the years we have been camping, never, have we ever gotten a flat.
Well, this years we forgot the spare... so we got a flat :(