Friday, May 29, 2009

Now its Turtles ...

When we walk in the mornings Im always the one to "spot" things. Sometimes its so annoying because its usually nothing but an old palm thing from a tree. Today "it" was a turtle laying eggs under a tree. The thing is huge! An inch or so bigger than a dinner plate would be a close estimate. We couldn't get too close, my dog made it nervous. These were pictures Lynn took with her cell phone. Pretty cool! The only place I've ever seen anything like it is the Discovery channel :) LOL!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I met Chris & Kati at the temple. They went through with Kati's brother Ammon who is going on a mission to Canada (Korean speaking ).
Anyway ... The kids were all asleep so we traded cars and I drove around till it was time to pick Meghan up from work, and hang out at Steven & Meghans. About 20 minutes before Meghan got off Travis woke up and said "Mom..." I said "No Trav its Grama..." He got this really mischievous grin on his face and said "WES! Mom turned into Granma!" He was sooo cute! How do they think of this stuff?

Bird stalker

The baby birds are thriving! Momma gave me a scare last night. I looked out the peep hole, and thought she was gone. Well I opened the door, and peer into the nest and she was peering BACK!! FREAKED me out!! Holy Cow! Robert was at work and Derek was gone, visions of "The Birds" went through my head ,of them coming home and finding me on the floor with no eyes! EEWWWW!!!!!! I wish I had thought to snap a picture, but instead I slammed the door, locked it, set the alarm and walked really, really quickly into the family room. I know the thing can't open the door, but in the movie they can get anywhere!
Not sure how much longer I can be checking on them with the door open. No wonder so many people are afraid of them, lol! The whole experience made me feel more like a stalker than a nest protector.
This picture is from from a few days ago, you can see their wing feathers starting to mature.
This morning this is what I took. That little eye kind of weirded me out. Maybe I'm still freaked out from last night.
At this rate they should be "flying the coop" within a couple weeks, I would think.
Sunday night Chris, Kati & the kids came up and spent the night. I love watching the boys play!

Nathan doing his favorite thing in the world, cooking! Watch this boy, he will be a famous chef one day!!
Costco has this adorable red vintage looking kitchen. Last year I wanted it for Christmas and Bobby didn't comply :/ After watching Naters all weekend, I REALLY need to get that little kitchen (for Naters of course :)) .Monday morning, Wes & Trav, watching cartoons:) Just before I took the picture Wes had his arm around Travis... it was adorable, you will just have to imagine it :)
Sunday night the "Booty Hunters" (our family geo cacheing name) went "On Tour" and played some Rock Band. Chris, Bobby on guitars, Derek on drums, Vocals by Kati with Brelee adding background :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adorable baby Macy

Is this just the cutest little girl? She is so happy and entertains herself quite well. She giggles at the dogs and the flash on the camera. I sure enjoyed having them the last few days :)

Bird nursery update

All 4 eggs have hatched. With the rain Mamma bird has been sitting on them non stop.

High School graduation 2009

Derek graduated from High School on Thursday night. It was sprinkling, then drizzling of most of it, so they presented the graduates with their diplomas then let the students who had speeches prepared, give them. It was nice of them to work it that way.
The rain stopped when the kids stopped speaking but not soon enough for everyone hair to be crazy.
 I think Im still in a state of shock. So many years it felt like it would never happen. The kids would never grow up and I'd be changing diapers, wiping snotty noses, never own a dry clean only dress, living in the car and never have a free night from homework or room mom responsibilities.
But it has happened, and its strange, weird. Im not really sure how to feel about it. So many mixed feelings.
Its my turn to "shine" and Im not sure what to do with it. I've been a Mom for 27 years, and now that role of motherhood changes.
Im sure it will work itself out, always does and Im not the first. None the less, I didn't expect the feelings its brought.

           Dad, Derek, Mom
             ( I think thats me, I know I own that shirt but that face looks awfully old to be me :/)
             Meghan, Derek, Steven, Alli &Macy
              My parents came from Prescott but didn't stay through the whole thing.

Derek will be going to Phoenix College and playing soccer (keeper) for them.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bird nursery update

This morning I looked out the peep hole and saw the mama bird still there so I blocked off the front porch and sent everyone through the messy garage.

This afternoon I looked out and saw a lot of movement, so I opened the door, stood on the step ladder and saw this!!
Two of the eggs have hatched! They are kinda scary looking without eyes and feathers, I hope the others do okay :) Wonder how long before I can use my front door :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring is here !

For the last few weeks, the baby ducks have been hatching at the lakes where we walk in the mornings. They are so cute!! Today I finally remembered my camera. This is one of many little duck families. Daddy duck wasn't far behind, but too far to get him in the picture.

There were several schools of fish enjoying feeding frenzies, they may have been getting back at the turtles that ate their buddy last week.
I was looking out the "peep hole" in the front door this morning and saw an eye looking back at me! I squealed ... well I was startled! When I regained myself, I went out front and this is what I found in the wreath on my front door. The Mama bird was gone for awhile, but a little bit ago I peeked out and she was back.
Hope we can keep her here, guess we will be using the garage doors for awhile. Don't want to be a home wrecker!

Friday, May 15, 2009


This week I got a wild hair to paint the bedroom.  I pulled the color from the "Chocolat" quilt Im working on. When it first went on the wall... scary! Too bright?  Decided to live it for the weekend and then got some second opinions.  Thanks Tara, Gorgi and Cindy! The consensus  was to darken it with a wash. So Gorgi came over and washed the wall. I tried, promise ... Im just not good at random, even in a scrappy quilt there is some sort of organization. We love it with the wash! Im looking for some botanical illustrations to go on either side of the bed in some red-orange, purple, straw colors. The quilt on the bed now is from a pattern called "Meet me in Paris".
You can see the unwashed wall on the right, always a work- in- progress.

This is the slate on the back porch. I love it! The color is wonderful and looks great with the colors of the house!

We went and chose trees, no lime green Palo Verde's for the back yard! There are 6 or
 or 8 of them in the front yard and the little yellow flowers everywhere are soooo messy! You can see the planters on either side and the long one against the fence. They will have rock on them that matches the front of the house and then a flagstone top that can be used for seating. The trees in the planters will go in this afternoon, and bushes, vines, flowers will go in the long multi leveled one as well as under the trees. Probably wait till after the hottest part of summer to plant the other planters though, we will just work on keeping the trees alive. Next is the pavers between the planter boxes, and the sprinklers for the grass :)

              Graduation announcement photos and design by
A week left till graduation. Very strange to have "the baby" graduating! After the awards ceremony on Wed night, I told Bobby I wasn't sure I wanted to be an "empty nester". He said  its comin' and I better get ready.   Weird. Guess i better figure out what I want to "be" when I "grow up", cuz I think Im there :/ All I can think of is ... weird.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Backyard before

Here are some before pictures of the back yard. In a couple weeks the hardscape will be done and Im so excited!!!!
Messy back porch...yuck! I do love my furniture though :)

Why can't we go outside and eat Alex!? But Mom we want to!!!

To the west....

To the east...

What a week!

So -
*Monday I went to a card class at Racheles. She is in my ward and just a bit over a year ago? maybe more than that, I realized she did paper crafts. I asked if she taught classes. She had but not since she moved here, home-schooled her kids and just general "overachiever Mom stuff" kept her pretty busy. So I asked if she would teach some card classes... well she started and does scrapbook pages, paper crafts and all kinds of fun wonderful projects ( its that "overachiever" thing). is her site and pictures of the cards we did at class.
*Tuesday Robert was home (weird- a day off?) I had Achievement Day and Monika taught a great lesson on being spiritually clean and then the girls decorated soaps for their Moms for Mothers day. I played with beads and made Brelee a little white, pink and silver bracelet- too fun!
Tuesday night Jolene and I went over the Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe and met Kati, Brelee, Nathan, Steven and Some of Katis family for the signing of "Wings" Aprilynne is Katis sister-in-law. The book IS good! Read it twice now. After the signing we headed to Red Robin for some food and had a good time visiting.
* Wednesday another day off for Robert (even weirder!!) We went to pick out slate for the back porch on the house. YEA!! The back yard is getting some landscaping!!!! The hard scape is started :)
Dereks dance recital was tonight, it was good. They wouldn't let us take pictures :(
*Thursday I actually got to sew a little. Did the Sams club "run". Met Steven & Meghan , Cindy & Stormy at the HS for the second night of the recital. It was quite eventful. A bit after intermission Meghan had a seizure. UGH that was scarey! She has no history of them. We had a hard time getting them to turn on the lights, but we did get an ambulance there, the teachers were really helpful when they realized it wasn't a planted stunt (we were at a high school after all) and so far all the tests are coming back fine. She is doing well, looks great, and we appreciate all the concern and prayers for them. Steven will probably drive her nuts for a bit being overprotective :)
*Friday we went to Dereks state tennis match, they lost in the first round. They just had an off day, that happens. Sucks, but it happens.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Regional Tennis Doubles Champs

Saturday was the Regional tennis match. Derek has been playing with a different kid on the team all season. They had been undefeated. Well the kid decided to play singles in the Regional competition. I guess they can only play singles or doubles. Consequently Derek got another partner with only a little over a week before regionals. They went up and hit around at ERM, and practiced everyday after school.
Apparently they were a good match up cuz they won the doubles regionals. The first couple matches were quite easy for them, and they won the first 2 sets for each. The last one they were split after 2 sets and Derek and Vicente' won the third set.
It was hot and we got sunburned pretty good, but it was fun. Steven came out and watched with me. I really appreciate him coming out, and I know Derek did too.
State doubles are Friday at Paseo Racket club. Derek and Vicente' were very excited! Great way to end the senior year of highschool!