Saturday, May 9, 2009

What a week!

So -
*Monday I went to a card class at Racheles. She is in my ward and just a bit over a year ago? maybe more than that, I realized she did paper crafts. I asked if she taught classes. She had but not since she moved here, home-schooled her kids and just general "overachiever Mom stuff" kept her pretty busy. So I asked if she would teach some card classes... well she started and does scrapbook pages, paper crafts and all kinds of fun wonderful projects ( its that "overachiever" thing). is her site and pictures of the cards we did at class.
*Tuesday Robert was home (weird- a day off?) I had Achievement Day and Monika taught a great lesson on being spiritually clean and then the girls decorated soaps for their Moms for Mothers day. I played with beads and made Brelee a little white, pink and silver bracelet- too fun!
Tuesday night Jolene and I went over the Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe and met Kati, Brelee, Nathan, Steven and Some of Katis family for the signing of "Wings" Aprilynne is Katis sister-in-law. The book IS good! Read it twice now. After the signing we headed to Red Robin for some food and had a good time visiting.
* Wednesday another day off for Robert (even weirder!!) We went to pick out slate for the back porch on the house. YEA!! The back yard is getting some landscaping!!!! The hard scape is started :)
Dereks dance recital was tonight, it was good. They wouldn't let us take pictures :(
*Thursday I actually got to sew a little. Did the Sams club "run". Met Steven & Meghan , Cindy & Stormy at the HS for the second night of the recital. It was quite eventful. A bit after intermission Meghan had a seizure. UGH that was scarey! She has no history of them. We had a hard time getting them to turn on the lights, but we did get an ambulance there, the teachers were really helpful when they realized it wasn't a planted stunt (we were at a high school after all) and so far all the tests are coming back fine. She is doing well, looks great, and we appreciate all the concern and prayers for them. Steven will probably drive her nuts for a bit being overprotective :)
*Friday we went to Dereks state tennis match, they lost in the first round. They just had an off day, that happens. Sucks, but it happens.

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