Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bird stalker

The baby birds are thriving! Momma gave me a scare last night. I looked out the peep hole, and thought she was gone. Well I opened the door, and peer into the nest and she was peering BACK!! FREAKED me out!! Holy Cow! Robert was at work and Derek was gone, visions of "The Birds" went through my head ,of them coming home and finding me on the floor with no eyes! EEWWWW!!!!!! I wish I had thought to snap a picture, but instead I slammed the door, locked it, set the alarm and walked really, really quickly into the family room. I know the thing can't open the door, but in the movie they can get anywhere!
Not sure how much longer I can be checking on them with the door open. No wonder so many people are afraid of them, lol! The whole experience made me feel more like a stalker than a nest protector.
This picture is from from a few days ago, you can see their wing feathers starting to mature.
This morning this is what I took. That little eye kind of weirded me out. Maybe I'm still freaked out from last night.
At this rate they should be "flying the coop" within a couple weeks, I would think.


  1. Wow! They are growing quite quickly!
    The thought of the birds coming after you cracked me up, however irrational that is, it would certainly be scary!! But your reaction to the thought must have been priceless! Too bad no one was there to see it... :)

  2. Thank heavens no one was here to see it! I must a looked like an idiot! After I got into the family room I did feel like an idiot!