Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring is here !

For the last few weeks, the baby ducks have been hatching at the lakes where we walk in the mornings. They are so cute!! Today I finally remembered my camera. This is one of many little duck families. Daddy duck wasn't far behind, but too far to get him in the picture.

There were several schools of fish enjoying feeding frenzies, they may have been getting back at the turtles that ate their buddy last week.
I was looking out the "peep hole" in the front door this morning and saw an eye looking back at me! I squealed ... well I was startled! When I regained myself, I went out front and this is what I found in the wreath on my front door. The Mama bird was gone for awhile, but a little bit ago I peeked out and she was back.
Hope we can keep her here, guess we will be using the garage doors for awhile. Don't want to be a home wrecker!


  1. aw, little birds and ducks (I guess they're birds too) make me happy! Too cute! I know, I know, it's a girl thing. We like little, baby stuff!

  2. I think so, but Dad just asked how long we could go without using the front door. lol! He said the mama is still there.

  3. The fish swarms this morning were so weird! Glad you got a cute picture of the baby ducks!