Friday, May 15, 2009


This week I got a wild hair to paint the bedroom.  I pulled the color from the "Chocolat" quilt Im working on. When it first went on the wall... scary! Too bright?  Decided to live it for the weekend and then got some second opinions.  Thanks Tara, Gorgi and Cindy! The consensus  was to darken it with a wash. So Gorgi came over and washed the wall. I tried, promise ... Im just not good at random, even in a scrappy quilt there is some sort of organization. We love it with the wash! Im looking for some botanical illustrations to go on either side of the bed in some red-orange, purple, straw colors. The quilt on the bed now is from a pattern called "Meet me in Paris".
You can see the unwashed wall on the right, always a work- in- progress.

This is the slate on the back porch. I love it! The color is wonderful and looks great with the colors of the house!

We went and chose trees, no lime green Palo Verde's for the back yard! There are 6 or
 or 8 of them in the front yard and the little yellow flowers everywhere are soooo messy! You can see the planters on either side and the long one against the fence. They will have rock on them that matches the front of the house and then a flagstone top that can be used for seating. The trees in the planters will go in this afternoon, and bushes, vines, flowers will go in the long multi leveled one as well as under the trees. Probably wait till after the hottest part of summer to plant the other planters though, we will just work on keeping the trees alive. Next is the pavers between the planter boxes, and the sprinklers for the grass :)

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A week left till graduation. Very strange to have "the baby" graduating! After the awards ceremony on Wed night, I told Bobby I wasn't sure I wanted to be an "empty nester". He said  its comin' and I better get ready.   Weird. Guess i better figure out what I want to "be" when I "grow up", cuz I think Im there :/ All I can think of is ... weird.

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