Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy couple of weeks!

Last week I went to Tucson to help Kati (my daughter-by-marriage) with her office. I don't have pictures, but it was an amazing redo and actually quite easy. We mostly rearranged furniture to make it more open, put up some shelves from Ikea (Thanks Chris!), and she is going through and "rehoming" old equipment she used to use for her videography. She now has several work surfaces and it feels so much more open! We worked in the office at night and played with the grand-kiddos in the day. It was tons of fun, love playing with those adorable grandkids!

The day we went to Ikea for shelves, we stopped at McD's and the boys had a great time playing in the play yard.

This week Alli and Macy came up ... we made bows for a Holiday gift fair in Holbrook, and got ready for her friends bridal shower. Course we also did a halloween costume for Miss Macy.

Macys Halloween day outfit :) Her shirt says "Im so cute its scary!"
Melanie, Alli, Stormy- the bride, Chelsey
food table
back of Macys costume
The pirates and bugs :)
Trav, Macy, Brelee, Wes, Nate
(Its nearly impossible to get 4 kids to look at the camera at the same time!)
See that little white ghost? Macy carried that around all week...too funny!

Brelee got first place in her age group for her bee costume at their HOA Halloween party!

All the kids went home this morning, sad Grandma :/.


  1. awww!! the little baby ladybug and bee are just SO adorable!!!!!!

  2. Aw, we were sad to leave too. :) I did take some pictures...I will have to post them for you. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help! love you!