Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pat Tillman run, Prom

April 17, 2010
At ASU they have an annual Pat Tillman run, started after Pat Tillman-an ASU football player enlisted in the military and was killed over seas. The first few years there were a few hundred runners, its now gone to almost 30,000 run/walkers.
This is Derek's 3rd year, Chris' second, and Kati's first. The little boys did the kids run. I met the kids at ASU and took care of the littles while Chris and Kati ran . Bunches of fun spending time with the kids :)
Saturday night, Derek and Britt went to the High School prom...adorable couple, I think :)

Nathan in the kids run giving Sparky the sun devil a high 5! He was sooo excited!
Cute runners, huh? I think so!
Trav, Derek, Wes

Britt, Derek ready for Prom
Ya know- we did not teach him that- he came like


  1. Thanks for helping at the race!!! I wouldn't have been able to run w/o you. We did go last year too, Brelee was 10 days old and Chris ran while I walked the kids around with Cherise's Mom and their boys. It was WAY smaller even just last year!

  2. I corrected :) Thanks Kati. I love helping and spending time with the kids, its a pleasure :)