Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pin cushion project

A few months ago there was a Sewing and Crafts show at the Coliseum. I don't usually go, but got some discount tickets from a friend at church. One of the booths had some great wool stuff, I bought a couple kits :)
These pin cushions are from the pattern "Pennies and Posies" by Attic Heirlooms. The pattern has the "Pennies" pincushion on a c clamp type thing attached to a table. The one at the show was on an old rusty bed spring which, of course, I loved!
Ebay was the best place for the springs so I picked up some rusty and a few not.

They were really fairly quick to make and I love they way they turned out!
The softer colored one is a gift, the darker one will live in my sewing room :)


  1. KATHY! You won't believe this, but I've been shopping around for a cute pin cusion for my sewing kit! I hate that tomato one that all the stores carry and would LOVE a handmade one from you. I'll pay for it if you just tell me the price!

  2. Love these pin cushions - you always make the best stuff! I want to make one too - big suprise, huh?