Sunday, June 21, 2009

Race Across America

Yes he is doing it again, last time he said never again, but he is. RAAM started yesterday. Bobby and his team "Team Donate Life- Give Hope" left Oceanside CA around 2:30. Today Derek and I headed up to Congress, through Skull Valley into Prescott, to meet up with them and take a few pics.
Coming up the hill from Skull Valley into Prescott, Bobby in the rear transitioning to another team member. They did 1 mile leapfrog up the hill to keep their speed up.
Bobby and Derek in the Prescott Wal-Mart parking lot at the end of Bobbys (and 3 other team members) 12 hour race rotation. look for 8 man "Team Donate Life- Give Hope" click on "Track me- 360" then "adventure hq" for "real life" updates as to their position.
At the Kayenta time station they had avg 24+ mph.

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