Saturday, July 3, 2010

Random RAAM thoughts- Long-picture overload

There is no way- none... to tell the story in a short amount of words.
It was crazy, amazing, exhausting, awesome, beautiful, touching, fast, slow....
The people on the team and crew were amazing... many had never met before- all working for a common goal. To get this 12 year old across the country on a bike, inspiring others to be able to do great things.
We got very little sleep- most of it just the semi conscience kind...
sick riders... Tiffany spent the night in a hospital and got chased by dogs we left her bike on the side of the road :/ Got it back though!...Ryan had dog adventure too. Crazy stocker lady chased us.
The riders were brave and amazing.... Connor never tried to get out of his turn on the road, and never complained- he was amazing... seriously, never met a 12 yr old like him.
The Team Connors Hope blog is at
One day ... I think on day 4, I had a bit of a melt down... not for me, but the riders... they were so tired, no sleep, eating habits totally disrupted, stuck in a cramped vehicle in sweaty clothes , and pushing their bodies past the breaking point.... and there was nothing the crew could do to help but words of encouragement... it was so frustrating and inspiring at the same time. I can't even imagine how they felt. And they rocked it, they were awesome!

Next time I hope to keep up on the blog even if its just a sentence a day.
For this time, this will have to do. Please go read the team blog for the "rest of the story"

At the starting line in Oceanside, CA.
A retarded train that cost us like 40 minutes!!
Ryan left his Blackberry in our car, Geoff taped it up and we told Ryan his phone had a terrible accident hahahaa
this was the view... for 3000+ miles at between 17 and 21 mph
Tiffany Ellison, Diane Christi, Sheryl & Ryan Ellison
Transition at night
Always talking race strategy
Ryan Ellison, Jared Ellison, Bobby

Conner Ellison
Picture is worth a thousand words :)
Awesome picture from Washington DC
Bobby in his element- he was awesome, always happy and encouraging
Almost to the end

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