Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thirty years ago today...

I was doing my hair and Bobby asked me what I remembered about today, 30 years ago.
This is what I remember...
*Spent the afternoon at my parents painting a ceramic nativity (that I still use every Christmas) trying to distract myself from all the tightening my giant , huge belly was doing.
* Took Bobby dinner, and sat at the gas station he was working at, and visited for awhile.
*Back to the trailer park we lived in (Behind the Pine Cone Inn , Prescott, AZ) Still feeling tightening and thinking it was not like the Braxton Hicks that Id been feeling for several weeks.
*Bobby came home late... he worked till 10 or 11 ( I think- it was a long time ago :) )
* Not being able to sleep, so frustrated because that belly just kept waking me up, back pain and shooting pains down my legs, was it time to have a baby?
* Tried to wake Bobby up around midnight-ish and he would NOT wake up! So I walked about 60 yards (I think it was at least a mile but Bobby said 50 or 60 yards) to the pay phone so I could call my parents.  Dad said to drive by the house (on the way to the hospital) so he would know I got Bobby to wake up. If he didn't hear the truck he would come over.
* Bobby kept leaving the hospital room- he was looking pretty pale. I think the green scrubs he was required to wear didn't help. So a nurse kept bringing him back in.
* Squeezing my Mom and Bobby's hands so hard they turned blue.
*The Dr  Duncan saying "It's a boy" and seeing the huge grin on Bobby's face.
* The nurse handing  me that very beautiful, chubby cheeked, dark haired, dark eyed baby boy.
* I cried, and Bobby asked if I wanted another one... without hesitation , I said "Yes".
* Christopher Robert was born at 9:24 am, 7 lb 1 oz, 20 1/2 inches long

That  blessed day changed our lives. We were responsible for another tiny life, it was exciting and overwhelming. Everything we did was for our family. No more you or me...
Bobby had 2 jobs, I was in Beauty school, we rented a trailer for 175$ a month, I drove a  brown and black '69 Opel Cadet and Bobby had an old big white truck.
It was the best September  14th of my life.
I love you , Son... Thank you for the wonderful son, husband and father that you are and for everything I learned, the last 30 years, being your Mom.


  1. aw! GREAT POST! Thanks for raising my best friend in the whole world. Love you!

  2. aww that was so sweet it made me tear up!! :)