Monday, September 21, 2009

Boston Vacation- Day 1

We are here! Left the house at 4:35 am. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment (for me, anyway)! Arrived in Boston at 4ish, drove around the city a little, then headed to our motel in Tewksbury. Everything is sooo cute! The houses are adorable and charming, streets are skinny and windy, the trees are wonderful! All different shades of green and red.
After we checked in, we tracked down the cemetery where Bobby's paternal grandfather is, Albert F. Carbonneau. His grandmother, Stella, and Uncle Richard & Aunt Catherine Carbonneau are suppose to be there also, but we didn't find them. We will go by tomorrow and talk to the office.
On the paperwork we have it says he has a paternal 1st? cousin that lives here, Susan Sneed. We went to the house and knocked on the door but nobody answered. Will probably try again tomorrow- no phone number listed.

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