Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freedom Trail-Charlestown, Bunker Hill Monument

The residential areas were Bobbys favorite. He liked seeing the "normal life flow" throughout the city and suburbs of Boston. Seriously adorable row houses- Now I completely understand the scenes from Sesame Street and Mr Rogers! The shows are geared to the east coast! Duh! While we were walking through Charlestown the kids were getting out of school, playing in the streets, groups of 3 or 4 were walking home, moms sitting in concrete basketball courts watching their kids play- strollers in tow. Flower boxes in almost every window, fall colored flowers and pumpkins in the stair wells and entry ways. The doors different colors, streets were so skinny! Everything was ssssooooo cute, cozy and charming!!!

Bunker Hill Monument

Bobby at the " Colonel Prescott" statue
View from top after climbing 293 steps!

Bobby on the way back down ...

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