Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Better late than never?

I started this table runner before Thanksgiving. Of course it didn't get finished, until now. I was packing up some of the fall decorations I got while at Allisons last week (they had a screaming sale on Fall decorations at Alco) and thought I might as well finish the table runner and pack it up also. Unfinished projects make me crazy! And until I was a "quilter" I always, always finished a project before starting a new one. Well, a quilter has many "irons in the fire" :/ It may go back to that "so many patterns/fabric so little time". Every year I want to get unfinished projects (UFO) done before starting new ones. Then the fabric manufacturers come out with some amazing new design or block of the month (BOM) that is crying out to live in my sewing room. *sigh*
At least this one is done, and next Thanksgiving it will be great to have it done for the table :) Better late than never, right?

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