Friday, March 12, 2010

Kellies Vikings quilt

The quilt I did this week belongs to my friend Kellie. Its great- colors of gold and purple with different Viking things on it, football field and football, football helmet, viking head... She made it for her husband for Christmas. The work and design into this was amazing. She loosely , very loosely followed a pattern and then went her own way with it. Several of the sections took many, many hours of work. I did a meander with gold thread, and then white thread on the white blocks. The toughest part were the small star sections, so many seams in a small space made for some skipped stitches. That on top of the fact that its made from batiks- which have a higher heavier thread count that regular quilting fabric- made it a real booger to quilt.
Im sure she and her DH will have a fun time snuggling under it for their Vikings games :)


  1. Thanks Kathy - you did a great job, I love it!!

  2. Where's the picture? It was amazing before it was finished. I can't even imagine how awesome it must be now!