Monday, March 15, 2010

Charity Card class-RAAM-Team Donate life- Connors Hope

Several months ago I received an email from Bobby with the link to Connors blog ( In 2007? I think it was, Bobby rode with Connors Dad, Jared Ellison, on TDL RAAM.
Race Across America (RAAM)- Ultra marathon bicycle race from West coast to East coast, Americas answer to Tour de France. Approx. 3000 miles in approx 7 days. Team Donate Life (TDL): The "mother" operation bringing awareness to organ donation through bike racing, mostly RAAM. Please see their website for detailed information.

A few weeks after that, Jared asked Bobby to be the crew chief for "Connors Hope".Connors Hope: TDL RAAM team- bringing awareness and raising money for organ donation-consentrating on liver disease and telling Connor Ellisons story

Bobby was very undecided and was afraid he didn't have the available time to do justice to the team. (As soon as I had read Connors blog, I knew this was a neat kid). Connor Ellison: 12 year old kid- awesome kid- please go see his blog , it will amaze, touch, and inspire you. Connor has liver disease, will need a transplant in the next few years, and is the youngest person to ever participate in RAAM.
When Bobby got off the phone- I really encouraged him to do this, what an awesome opportunity to be involved in helping a young man accomplish something incredible! How could he not do it!? I mean really... how could he not!? He may not ever have a chance to do something like this again! He was going to call and tell Jared he didn't have time but could advise- I encouraged him to wait a little while and think about it.

Well...a few weeks later he said- You should come... I thought... ya okay ..I can see what you been doing all those weeks you spent peddling across the country. Bobby called Jared and I was part of the crew. However, Bobby is now scaring me with stories of sleep deprivation, few showers, bugs , humidity, a week of bad hair days, and spending 7 -8 days driving cross country at 10-20 mph with a bunch of people I don't know- one of them (Connors Mom ,Tiffany) was Mrs. CA- ya..I know right..a beauty bad hair-flat stuck to my head and no makeup for a week with a beauty queen... getting anxiety thinking about it! Seriously though, I did talk to her on the phone and seems really nice :) Bobby loves the family and thinks they are awesome!
Part of our job is to help raise money for the teams charity- Organ donation. My friend Rachele- came up with this great idea to do a card class and all the money will go to our teams charity, she is donating all the supplies- Thanks Rachele!!. We also got some great items to raffle!

Please join us for the class, or donate if you can! We appreciate it!

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