Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday USA!

For the 4th I went to Kyle and Alli's house. We went to Mr. G's pizza in Joe City hit the Badlands for sparklers and fireworks, BBQ at Brain and Janes. Kyles family is always so friendly and welcoming when I visit, just feels like Im part of the family. Carnival and games at the Joe City park. We got the best homemade bread and cupcakes there! YUM! Macy had the cutest outfit with matching hair bow from Breezy and beautiful crystal bracelet from Monika & Paige. Holbrook fireworks were great! Macy never even cried! she watched and went to sleep :) I LOVE hometown fireworks and 4th celebrations, reminds me of when I was a kid in Prescott. We always went to the rodeo, kids parade, big huge parade, hang out at the town square big fireworks. Sometime Ill find some pictures- we used to have so much fun! Small town 4th is the best!

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  1. They better treat you like part of the are! :) Glad your fourth was fun!!