Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Day

Caution: Serious picture overload
Dads opening doors for the newly wed couple.
Steph, Amber
The wedding party
(great dresses huh? Whole outfit, one day, same mall, 3 days before wedding ... Im still shakin' my head!) :)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Turner
Bobby, Macy, Wesly
Bochats, Winns and Carbonneaus
Ambers friends and family
Jenni, Amber, Kristi
Tom, Kristi, Steph, Meghan, Steven
Waiting for the Newly weds to finish pictures so we can eat lunch :)
Kyle , Macy, Alli
Britt, Derek
Kati, Chris and Wes
Brelee, Wesly, Nathan, Macy, Travis
Can you tell who had chocolate cake ? :)
Bobby, Kathy, Steph, David
Off they go, into the wild blue wander, happily ever after :)
Nathan, Macy
If there had been more couches in the foyer, we would have all been sleeping!
It was a great party, nice turnout, everyone there had a good time! Kati did video, Kyle did the music and kept everyone on their toes. Chris kept Brelee changed and spent alot of time running kids to the potty. Derek did the Napoleon Dynamite dance for Amber- she was very surprised, lol! It was cute. Wes and Trav danced their little feet off, too cute!!!!

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