Thursday, July 16, 2009

Las Vegas wedding week- the rest of the story

Caution- Picture overload :)
Jenni, Amber, Alli, Christi after shopping.

Wednesday night we went to the mall and got bridesmaid dresses, "Mother of the bride" dress for Steph, and shoes for them all! In one night! At the SAME mall! I was shocked!

Alli & Kyle at Sams Club.
Thursday we went shopping for the food, More nails done.
Kathy, Amber, Sunshine, Jenni, Alli

Friday was "set-up" day. David had an enclosed trailer that they had been putting wedding stuff in. After the truck, trailer, and Stephs car were full we headed for the church to decorate for the reception.
Mike & Amber doing the sign in table.

Jenni & friends trying to figure out what to do with the arches.

Steven, David, Steph, Grandpa Bochat, Loren, Grandma Bochat

Britt, Derek, Bobby, Alli

Krista Turner, Steph Winn "The Moms"

Friday night we went to "hang out" on "The Strip". I love to go watch the water shows at the Bellagio! Derek and Britt danced. Robert & I, Kyle, Alli & Macy headed back to the hotel and the other kids walked around and went to dinner. Loren had a great time hanging out with the "older" cousins :) Bobby had come straight from Girls Camp, the theme was "Women of Virtue". They made the priesthood and bishops shirts that said "Real Men love Virtuous Women" and it had the VW sign on it. He still had his shirt on when we were walking on the strip. You should have seen the looks we got, everyone that walked by read his shirt. Some had funny looks, others shook their heads- some good shakes some not so!

Kyle, Alli, Macy (in the stroller), Kathy, Bobby, Steven, Meghan, Loren, Derek, Britt


  1. haha--- I'll bet Bishop was a sight to see in Vegas in that shirt! Love it!!

  2. I love all the pics! Good job Mom! I also LOVE Alli's Pink shirt, love it Alli! That is HILARIOUS about Dad's shirt, wish I could have seen it. Sounds like you guys had a very busy week, but the wedding/reception was GORGEOUS GOOD JOB! I'm going to have to steal some pics btw. :)