Monday, October 12, 2009

Claremont, New Hampshire

One of my requests for the trip was to go to NH in search of genealogy info. Roberts Great Grandparents are buried there ( I know- more cemetery stuff...). I also wanted to try to find birth and death records from Claremont. So off we went. The drive was sooo beautiful!! I had no idea a person can go into "cuteness overload" but I did, quite frequently!
When we got into Boston the leaves had barely started to change, as we drove that week, they changed right before our eyes... it was amazing!
The town office had all their birth/death/marriage records on 3x5 cards, in an old library card file in the lobby of the office. We found all of Frank & Mary's kids birth records along with a few others, and a couple marriage records.
Nobody really knew how to get to the cemetery. I wish I could remember all the different directions we got... "turn by the old railway sign", "that road out there takes a bend to the left- keep going past the old mill", "theres a fork in the road-keep straight...", "theres some big old trees..." The guy at Fisks Free library finally drew us a map- " Its not to scale" he said!

Church at St. Marys Cemetery- First Catholic church in New Hampshire

Frank L(no idea what the L stands for) Carboneau & Mary Doyle, Lillian Carboneau (Conners)
The cemetery was huge, and we had no idea where they were. We called the caretaker and he and a kid helped us find them. Bobby offered them a few bucks for helping us, but they refused. As we were walking away the kid said he liked helping people find their "kin", it made him feel good for "these folks" to have visitors. We never would have found them without his help.
Bobby thought the stones would be small and close to the ground. Surprise! They were pretty good sized!
Frank & Mary's house address from the 1920 census
Franks & Marys house address from 1930 census, love the stained glass top of the window!
On the way out of New Hampshire
If I had known more- or knew what to ask, Im sure we could have gotten more information. *sigh* But that saves something for another trip. :)

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  1. All the pictures of the leaves changing are making me wish I still lived on the east coast!