Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thursday night we stayed in Portsmouth Maine. Checked into the hotel- Anchorage Hotels (wouldn't recommend them :/)
Headed to "Bob's Clam Hut" for dinner in Kittery , Maine. It was awesome!!
"Bob" had great places to eat everywhere!! Wished I had kept track of all the places he owns!

Outside the hotel- Friday morning
Too cute!! The pumpkins back east don't rot in the sun! Weird!
Portland, Maine
My sister was in Portland, OR at the same time!
Could you just live here!??
This is NOT a postcard! Its how it really looks!
The views were breathtaking! The air smelled crisp and clean, the breeze a bit chilled.
I could just picture myself sitting on that porch in a rocking chair, wrapped up in a quilt, reading a book with grandkiddos on my lap- playing on the porch. *sigh*

Cute, Cute!! Bobby ate at another clam place and I shopped, the shops were adorable!
In one of them Bobby asked if this was the end of the busy season. We had seen so many vacation rentals on the beach available. The lady said tourist season was letting up , but it was the beginning of "leaf peeper" season! How CUTE!
In AZ we call "them" "snow birds" , in New England "they" are called "leaf peepers"!

In Portland we ate at Gilbert's Chowder House. I had the sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder- it was amazing!

And back to Boston we go... it took us around 2 hours to pass through 3 states- taking our time. Drive 2 hours here and your still in the same state!
Met Gail and Patty for dinner, and spent the night at Patty and Gerrys. Their house is soo adorable, as was Gails! Bobby asked me if it ruined the "cuteness" to stay inside a New England house- NO WAY! The adorable woodwork, rooms, stairs, wood floors, great views, trim work ... it was so comfortable and cozy- I loved it! I might not love shoveling snow, hauling firewood, uncovering the car, freezing cold or snow on the floor ... but call me a "leaf peeper" any day- I'll own it !:)


  1. "leaf peeper" too funny! Chris drove to Maine as well, I am glad someone took pics!! lol It is so pretty, but the weather stuff Chris would hate, I think it might even be a little severe for me too.
    Love the pic of the lighthouse, I can totally see you living there, American Flag, red shed...super cute!

  2. The extreme weather thing would worry me in Maine- All the fire hydrants and stuff had red poles on them at least 4 feet high... not a good sign.

  3. How beautiful!! And "leaf peeper"-- that's hilarious!!