Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beans, blessings and painting

Long-lots of of these days Ill figure out how to make this thing cute and not haphazard :/ in the is what it is, right?

Friday Meghan brought her pressure caner over, I borrowed one, and we wet canned pinto beans. It was fun. I love the feeling of accomplishment seeing the filled jars in the pantry :) Thanks Meghan for the lesson and encouragement!

Saturday Alli, Meghan and I headed to Marana for Katis baby girl shower. It was so nice! She got tons of adorable baby girl dresses. The food and punch was wonderful and her friends are as nice as they could be and so friendly!

Kati, Meghan, Me, Alli

All the married kids stayed the night Saturday night. We went to the Buckeye Pioneer Days Melodrama. Several of our friends were in it and were just hilarious! Wes and Trav sat and watched the whole time! Had to be pretty entertaining to keep the attention of a 3 and 4 year old!
Sunday was Miss Macys blessing. It was great to have all the kids at church together, interesting to get 11 people ready for 9am church though!. Kati made crepes for breakfast and they were fabulous!
How blessed we are to have such wonderful kids, and kids-by-marriage :) We love them all sooo much! Macy wore the dress that my Grandma Randall crocheted for Allisons blessing. I made the slip and crocheted a ruffle around the bottom (with a lot of instruction from my friend Monika, Thanks Monica! I owe you!) After church we came back to the house. Whitney, Tyler, Stormy and my parents came over also. Its great to see the fun they have together!

The whole lot of us

Mr Wes and Miss Macy

Four generations
Grandma Bochat, Macy, Alli, Me in the back

Grandpa Bochat, Wes, Trav

Tyler, Whitney, Stormy, Zues, Macy, Kyle and Alli

Nater doing his favorite thing, stirring and playing with pots :)

It was a GREAT weekend! I LOVE having all my kids around :) It makes me happy.

Monday I headed to Alli and Kyles. They were suppose to move into their new house but the people who write loans for a living- well they screwed up. Hummm...interesting. Anyway. I called the real estate agent (Alli was chicken) to ask if we could paint and she called the seller. They said yes! Woo Hoo!! So we painted Tues, and Wed. Living room, Macys room and the bathroom. Macy was sooo good while we were painting (she is an excellent baby!) Can't wait to see the rooms with the furniture in them!

Alli painting the bathroom. It looks great! Promise!

Im home- need to clean my house- do laundry and all that fun stuff.


  1. I need to get the pictures from Macy's blessing from you :)

  2. Did you notice how much nater looks like your dad in the pots and pans picture

  3. I hadn't noticed till you said something, but yes he does look like my Dad... Strong jeans, lol!