Sunday, April 19, 2009

Contemplating focus

Saturday I went to Joannes to buy a fusible bias tape maker. I was in the quilting notions isle , looking all over the place, couldn't find it. Kept looking... then the iron caught my eye. I remembered in a review I read for the bias tape maker they said the mini iron worked well and was less cumbersome than a regular iron. So I thought about that iron, looked at the regular mini iron next to it. Went back and forth..." do I buy it? no... yes ... well the attachments would be fun with paper, fiber art stuff ..." justification . So I threw the mini iron in the cart. After all I did have a coupon :) Re focused I started again to look for the bias tape maker. "Where is that stupid thing? I know it should be right here ." Now I'm frustrated and murmuring quietly out loud. I start up and down the isle again. I find it , right where I had been standing all the time, not too far above the mini iron attachments. Actually much closer to my line of vision than the iron was! :/ UGH!
Sunday morning while doing my hair I thought about this experience. How many times do I do this and not notice. With things in my life I get frustrated and stressed . Is it because I'm focusing just a fraction of a horizontal row above or below where I should be? Is what I really want right there within my grasp and I can't see it because my head or heart isn't clear enough to see the "big picture"? Many times over the last year I have had to step back to be able to grasp the big picture and close in on what is really important... Sometimes life's learning curve is ssssooooo high it seems more like a mountain than a curve. It seems I to have to restart at the beginning of the curve a lot more than I'd like to :/


  1. Very good thoughts! I love it when I find a lesson in an every day experience. It's good you play attention!! You go Girl!

  2. Thanks Mary. It doesn't happen very often