Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Crazy Bet" BOM- Crazy Me!

"Crazy Bet"
Reproduction style quilts by Paula Barnes

I've been recieving this BOM (block of the month) for about 8 months. Kept up with it fairly well for the first 3 months or so and fell behind as other things came up. Well- the first rule of quilting or sewing is to read the pattern all the way through- Like read it so you understand not glance and assume you understand.
Who does that? Do you do that? I don't. I'm too impatient. Just show me pictures or the finished product and let me get on my way.
Anyway...I been working on getting caught up for the last few nights. All the blocks are caught up- or so I thought...silly me .
The handles on the blocks are appliqued on, I started looking through the pattern to find out when I do this. really should read the directions all the way through ;/ I should have been doing it all along! So now I am making fusible bias strips for the handles. I'll need to either (A) turn the ends under and stitch them at the top of the baskets, or (B) I will need to rip out a small hole in the seam on each side of the top of the basket to slip the handle into. Then resew them. (A) seems easier time wise, however (B) will totally look better in the end. If I choose (A) I'll hate the way it looks and probably never finish the top of the quilt :(. Tonight I'll be working on (B) and growling the whole time at myself.
I know- nobody would know...But I'll know, and it would make me nuts... guess what I'll be doing tonight...and tomorrow...and...

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