Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blocks corrected

My CrazyBet blocks are finally all corrected. Whew! Its taken all week, working on them for a couple hours a day.
The fusible bias tape maker was kind of a bust. The Clover fusible tape isn't easy to work with, and a bit too fragile. Instead I used small strips of the "steam a seam 2" and it worked much better, although it didn't fit in the little hole on the bias maker. So did the bias strips and then put the fusible on them. I'm just soooo glad I'm caught up on those blocks.

This week was Derek's last tennis matches - Wed and Thursday. They are ranked 1st in the region and Derek and his doubles partner have gone undefeated for the season. Regionals is on Saturday, I hope they do well.

Yesterday, Cindy Carroll, did his senior pictures. The raw images are great! Can't wait to see what she does with them! The 2 older boys we took to a studio and they didn't catch the kids personalities- Cindy does such a great job of that! It was soo nice!

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