Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chocolat Progress

This is my friend Kellies "Chocolat" quilt. Its a BOM that we started a couple years ago. Where hers has churn dashes, mine has pinwheel blocks. We suspect the pattern was an EQ design from one of the people who worked at the shop we ordered it from. The directions and measuring leave ALOT to be desired. Consequently we have changed several things on the quilt from the original design. For her, thats not unusual - now for me? Well I just want to jump in and finish it, not think about it, just get it done. So I have put it away several times and restarted several months later. Usually after Kellie has figured out how to fix the problem we came up against. Thanks Kellie- your the best!!
Today I finished my pinwheel/churndash blocks. I really want to get it finished and use it on my bed. Decided to paint the bedroom one of the teal/blue-green colors in the quilt.
I had forgotten how much I love the fabrics. Both the feel and the colors! Can't wait to finish it!
Better get going Kel :)

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